Monday, October 03, 2005

Relations of life

Life and its myriad hues,
the joys and the blues
colour our bland lives,
build the staff of agedness.
Expectations make relationships dear;
soul's desire, overpowered and left unclear.
Blossoming kinships marred by the ego,
"Why should I always bend, forgive or let-go?"

Thoughts like these,

don't let people meet.
Even friends in deed
disappear when in need.
Some day in retrospect,
as we sit in tranquil solitude,
we realize our follies and wonder,
"If only, we had a different attitude."

For our self-respect is a euphemism of egoism,
for our love is a function of reciprocation,
for our happiness is a slave to response,
for our vanity we can't forego,
our relationships we let go.