Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Technology Vs Spirituality

Would I need a telephone
when I can communicate through feelings?
Would I need transport
when I can be anywhere at the speed of thought?

Would I require arms
if there is none to defend from?
Would I need defence
if there is nothing to defend?

Would I need artificial laws
when I follow the ‘natural’ ones?
Would I need a government
if I’m truly honest to myself and my brethren?

Would I need gadgets for entertainment
when I find joy within?
Would I need to watch movies
when my life is a movie in three dimensions?

Would I need snaps
when I know every moment is imprinted in my omniscience?
Would I need a photocopier
when I learn to play with the universe?

Would I have violations
if I don’t view others’ loss as my gain?
Would I need magic
if atoms dance to my tune?
Would I need hideouts
if I can disassemble and assemble myself at will?

In technology, we find solace.
In physicality, we grope for trace.
Averse to believe what we can’t link,
Enslaved by technology, ‘beyond’, we can’t think.

Isn’t the need for technology
a proof of underdeveloped spirituality?