Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fantastic reviews for Bare Bones in Baroda

On 19th August 2017, my play Bare Bones was staged in Baroda. And it would be an understatement to say that Baroda audience absolutely wow'ed us.

I had often heard about the cultural wisdom and artistic acumen of Baroda citizens. But to experience it first hand was something else, and hence I'm compelled from within to write this little piece in your appreciation.

The frequent chuckles at the mildly funny lines, the occasional roaring laughter at the really funny lines, the loud applause at times, the sporadic 'wow's that we could hear at those deep lines, which made me - the writer - proud of your understanding of the layers beneath the text, the meaningful silence during the intense moments, and to end it all with the standing ovation and the final applause that didn't stop for two full minutes.

While we as actors customarily stand after the show, the feeling within me was that we, the actors, were giving a standing ovation to you, the audience, even as you were reciprocating.
The writer writes, and director directs hoping that they'd get an audience that would understand the unsaid, and experience the unstated. And I felt that Baroda gave us that experience which will be extremely difficult to beat.

The audience loved Bare Bones so much that a couple of them wrote wonderful blogs for it. Prakash Gowda wrote it like a hate story, and Shalini wrote it like the two characters in one of my short plays, Where Heart meets Mind. Thank you so much Prakash and Shalini for your kind words. 

A vote of thanks to Applause Vadodara for inviting us there. Without you, this would not have been possible. 

Finally! I've created something viral

It’s very rare that something that we have created becomes viral. But I’m so glad and honoured that something that I conceptualized and wrote, became viral. So much so that it deserved a blog.

Last year, I came up with this thought for the Dussehra wishes for Litmus Branding, the small big advertising company where I work. Dharmesh Panchal was the designer and Hiren Panchal & Kapil Vaishnani gave their artistic inputs as the creative directors.

And this Dussehra, which is today, we have been flooded by the same message from all side sans the Litmus name.

Cliched as it may sound, it is still the right time to say that ‘Copying is the best form of flattery’.

So much so that we found it on some celebrity pages on Social Media too. This one below is Sunil Grover calling it a nice depiction.

Team Litmus and I are delighted to have something viral in our name. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

भगवान - इंसान

जब दिखेगा सभी में उसे भगवान
तब बनाएगा धरती पर स्वर्ग इंसान

Life is Beyond Both

Where living is neither celebrated
nor is dying mourned,
because it is known that
life is beyond both.
Come, let's go there.

Let Your Words Inspire

Let your words inspire,
let your thoughts heal and
let your silent presence spread love.

Mind & Heart

O' the dwellers in the joys of the mind,
have you even felt the love of your heart?
How you wallow in the cloud of your own thoughts,
and prevent the sun of love from shining through!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

मैं कहाँ सोचता हुँ

मैं कहाँ सोचता हुँ ?
सोच तो बस आ जाती है
और मेरे शरीर से
अपना कहा करवा जाती है