Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dinner with God

This evening I had dinner with God.
He waited for me at the table
as I scanned Him in the menu.
One of the Gods very kindly
poured water in the glass.
God, as water, quenched my thirst
even as God brought me the order.
God, as food, was delicious too.

I thanked God lovingly
and He became tastier
with every morsel.

I couldn't help smiling
and horripilating
when I saw and felt
God all around me,
my little Samadhi.

The Gods that waited
were all amused
at the radiant joy
on my face.
I smiled for I knew a secret
while they reciprocated ignorantly.
I smiled even more
for I knew their secret as well;
for my secret
was no different from theirs.
It was a moment of remembrance.