Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The fount of true love

When pain ceases to make you suffer.
When solitude over shallow company you prefer.
When body and mind are not
your highest sources of pleasure.

When you drink from the nectar of divinity
and bathe in joyous stream eternally.
When the other is not your only friend.
When being alone is not being lonely.

When closing your eyes takes you to a trance,
when going within is a mirthful romance,
when peace performs a perennial dance,
when compassion to flow spares not a chance.

When a caged bird is not your beloved
but the one flying freely in the sky.
When you need not possess to feel loved,
her absence won't make you feel unloved.

When the world loses its power to ruffle you,
when the events around can’t so much as touch you.
When you’re solid like a rock and yet gentle like a dove,
then you know you’ve found the fount of true love.