Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm alone now

I'm alone now.
I'm one with my 'Self' now.
I've my thoughts for company now.
There is no red herring now.
I've my mind to conquer now.
I've intuition to channelize now.
I've my creative space to harness now.
I've eternity to grasp now.
I've God to fathom now.
The imminent is immanent in me now.
The horn of cornucopia is to flow through me now.
I'm alone now.

Monday, November 29, 2004

We, the people

Forbearance we trivialize,
passion we idolize,
wars we ratify
and then pique we pacify.

Verity we transmogrify,
anger we mollify,
beauty we sanctify,
faces we beautify,
but thoughts we don't purify.

Vanity we gratify
pelf we glorify,
hypocrisy we dignify,
fame we exemplify,
rumours we amplify,
vices we justify,
love we mortify,
humanity we classify
and then unity we diversify.

Innocence we petrify,
achievements we magnify,
rules we defy,
truth we falsify,
success we personify,
complexity we simplify,
faith we mystify,
Gods we deify
and then prophets we crucify.

Monday, November 22, 2004


The sun is dying a contented death,
having seen her all day long.
The moon can't wait for the night vigil,
to save her from the earthly throng.

Here she comes from behind the opaque
in her ever so graceful gait.
To take her in my loving arms,
Oh God! I just can't wait.

My first sight on her and I knew,
I know her not from this life.
Astral partners we have been
in joy and in strife.

Her smile and her dimple,
Oh! so deep.
A cursory glance
and my heart skips a beat.

Her eyes meet mine
and weaken my heart's fortress,
she is and always will be,
my enchantress.

In the eternity of the preordained
where we all are just channels,
do we really have a choice?
Or are our choices already taken?
Did Einstein toil for intellect?
Did Freud struggle for thoughts?
What explains avarice of Midas?
So many sins unpardoned;
but for the treachery of Judas.
Why reason Hitler's quest for power?
Why judge my love for her?

Why the eternal love we bind
by the shallow comprehension of human mind?
Why see it from the pivot of mortal axes?
Is it not beyond religion,caste, race or sexes?

Not my fault - in every glimpse of her,
I'm reborn.
Not my fault - in her vanishing act,
I die a million death.
One glimpse of her, and
in the breeze of serenade,
the flag of my heart unfurls.
So where lies the crux?
We both are girls.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Tree on the Highway

My roof is the sky.
The highway passing by,
the decades that just fly
in time's lullaby.

With time, as I grew,
from a seed - the tree concealed, 
to a tree - the seed revealed,
many a sun I bore on my hood,
many a storm I withstood,
many rains lashed me wet,
many autumns undressed me naked.

One such morning, a bunch of kids
came under my shade
and played pranks they'd long cherish
as their escapade.
Some clambered up a branch
and tied it with a string
and then enjoyed themselves
with my fruit and their swing.
How I wish,
I could move around like this.

One such afternoon, a couple in love
came under my shade.
Away from the crowded town
their car had sped.
She uncoifed her tresses
and in the warm breeze let them sway.
The look on his face said it all
as he had a million poems to say.
He looked around to give the spies a miss
and then on her lips, planted a loving kiss.
She blushed, and into his arms coyly cuddled,
as in the lonely shade they canoodled.
How I wish,
I could express my love like this.

One such evening, a few old men
trudged under my shade.
The blade of their life
now had a blunt edge.
As materialism lost its sheen,
they pondered over 'What does life mean?'
Nostalgia rushes their blood flow,
resplendent visage in twilight's glow.
The state of mankind makes them upset.
the pregnant gaze at the distant sunset.
How I wish,
for these oldies, I knew what to wish.

One such night, a few men came
under my lunar shade.
They mumbled sweet nothings and
pulled out an axe and a spade.
Leaves rustled as I shuddered;
they were here to slain and deracinate.
A piercing blow of the axe,
how I wish, 

I could evade.

Alas!! I moved, far from that highway,
but only after my life was taken away.
Now I'm a chair here, a sofa there, a table far away
The tree that was on the highway.
How I wish,
I could've moved alive in one piece.

Now I hear that in my place
runs the widened highway.
For man's unending need
I had to give way.

One more from nature's bequest,

sacrificed for man's mad quest.
Now on the highway
there aren't many trees
for kids to climb on,
for love birds to take cover,
for oldies to pull over.
How I wish, 

there were more trees
to tell stories like these.