Saturday, November 26, 2011


I feel the tap of my foot as I walk
and the hum of my throat as I talk.

I hear the hiss of the wind in my ear
and the ruffle in the breeze of my hair.

I see the shift in the gear of my mind;
the future and the past it runs behind.

I see the guilt trips I take so often
and the anxieties I invite all of a sudden.

I witness the fear that traps me
and the delusions that lure me.

I take cognizance of every thought I think
and observe also its demise in a blink.

I accept these digressions and bless them as me,
they peter out as I let them just be.

As my thoughts dry, silence pervades;
as time ceases, the moment prevails.

The conscious me gives way to consciousness.
What remains is omnipresence and only presence.