Friday, March 29, 2013

That I cannot live without you

That I cannot live without you is a fantastic obsession.
That you hold the key to my joy is a brilliant fascination.

That without you I'm nothing is a magnificent illusion.
That you complete me is an outstanding delusion.

That I need your love is a romantic perception.
That I can possess you is a bold transgression.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feelings and words

In the ocean of feelings, words are the shores.
In the wind of emotions, words are the sails.
Feelings are the limitless vista, while words are our eyes.
Emotions make the universe while words form the skies.

In our attempt to name it, we limit it.
In our quest to define it, we kill it.
There is so much to feel that to verbalize
is to squeeze a whale in a parrot cage.

And yet we choose the limited over the unlimited,
we cling to the small and forsake the big.
We dethrone the whispers of the soul
and crown the din of the mind.

The same trait rules me one way or another,
to stitch the threads of emotions into a clothe of words.
So I must stay true to my call
and wrap soaring energy into verbal meat-balls.

Someday I will grow beyond this desire to express,
this quest to verbalize and my zest to prove a point.
Someday I will rise above to simply soak in the feelings,
to bathe in the stillness, and to whisper through silence.