Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Quest to Define

What, why and how?
asks man's mind.
For his own good,
must answers he find.

He is in a hurry
to know and identify.
He must name the discovery,
to label and classify.

All he ever comes across
must be controlled;
a friendly discovery must be tamed,
an adversary conquered.

Only in knowing the unknown
he feels more secure.
But every knowledge leaves behind
a hint of something more obscure.

The more he knows,
the more there is to know.
The more he defines,
the more he feels insecure.

He feels safer
not in the strength of his adversary,
but in the knowledge of
the power of his enemy.

His bigger fear is not the known
but the fringes of the unknown.
For in his knowing, lies
the genesis of conquering.

The mother of all fears
is his not knowing himself.
These conquests are a means
to define his own 'self.'

This quest to define
he must win,
to conquer his own
fear of the unknown.

Until he knows his true self
the fears will drive him.
The day he truly 'knows,'
his fears will cease within.

So will end his urge to control
and with it the need to define.
He will not want to rule everyone,
so he will let everything just be.