Monday, March 31, 2008


One more inspired from "Conversations with God."
I thought highly of goodness until
I realized it’s useless without badness.

I glorified the right until
I found it’s nothing without the wrong.

I hated the darkness,
but what is light without dark?

I hailed the spirit to live until
I saw the glory in death.

I adored the winners until
I found the honour in the ignominy of losers.

I eulogized the wise until I saw
my foolishness in ignoring the wisdom of fools.

I deplored the suffering around me
until I found in it a plan divine.

I scoffed at the unequal distribution of wealth,
until I realized we experience what we choose.

It saddens to see the withering of flower,
only to see it give way to the fruit.

It hurts to see the fruit go stale,
but only to enrich its mother - the soil.

The soil then nourishes the same tree
to complete the cycle of trinity.

What we call death is hence an enrichment,
taking life towards its own fulfillment

What should I condemn?
What then may I deplore?
For, in the coin of duality, good
is an obverse side of bad.

In celebrating life but not death
I have a crooked view of faith.
In hankering to win and hating to lose
I’ve, around my being, tightened a noose.

Enlightenment begins with acceptance of all,
in unbridled joy as you enthrall.
Epiphany is when you realize
that just when you think, you materialize
and then you go within and internalize,
in the deepest silence you visualize,
that you always knew
what there ever was to know,
that it’s not about learning the unknown,
but about remembering the forgotten.