Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The layer of pleasure,
the periphery of desire,
enslaves us often,
tying us in earthly quagmire.

Brush of the derma horripilates,
touch of the hair titillates.
Fingers faint us and nails kill;
yet can't stop those mild caresses.

Skin is the master,
mind is the slave;
we toil, sweat and pant,
for a downpour of pleasure,
through mounts of pain.

Lips roll over drooling tongue
melting in enchanting kisses;
eyes close in anticipation of
pleasure that mind seldom misses.

The eyes in their closure bear the nuance,
lips whisper the lover's name;
mind then conjures the countenance
and makes us all play the carnal game.

Skin is the channel,
mind is the means;
for in the bodily fusion,
fructify the divine plan of creation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rise and fall of Religion

Inspiration and excerpts from "Conversations with God" - the book that occurred to Neal Donald Walsch.

Lose your faith in yourself
so you may have faith in me.

Don’t question my doctrine
for I have all the right answers.

Don’t question, for if you do,
you will start thinking.
If you think, you’ll go to the source within.
The source would answer differently from
what I contrived.

I filled your heart with fear of God
and replaced the everlasting love for Him,
lest your love preempt my success.

I ordered men to bow down to God
where once man rose up in joyful outreach.

I burdened man with worries of God’s wrath
where once he sought God to lighten his burden.

I told man to be ashamed of his body and its most natural functions
where man once celebrated them as greatest gift of life.

I ‘commanded’ man to adore God
where once you adored God for it was impossible not to.

I made myself an intermediary to God
where you once thought of reaching Him in simple truth and goodness.

I created disunity everywhere,
for, in division – I survive
and in discord – I thrive.

I separated man from God, man from man and man from woman,
who I even made secondary spiritual being.

I made you learn from other’s experience
rather than seek your own.

In your doubts and fears,
I saw my rise;
in your doubts and love
I shall witness my fall.

For in making you doubt yourself
I train you to doubt my ideas.
For in my dogmatic enforcements
I create agnostics.

I made Him a jealous God;
But who would be jealous when one has and is, everything?

I made Him a wrathful God;
But why would He be angry when He can’t be hurt?

I made Him a vengeful God;
But on whom would He take vengeance, for all that exists is He?