Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Path

With this poem, I attempt to draw out the path that, sooner or later,
is going to be our calling. We experience a part of this path in our daily life. The remaining part is what will make the difference.

Life. Rhythm.
Consciousness. Subconsciousness.
Day. Night.
Sleep. Wakefulness.
Love. Heartbreak.
Profit. Loss.
Success. Failure.
Mirth. Sorrow.
Crowd. Solitude.
Outward. Inward.
Exhibition. Introspection.
Seeking answers to questions.
Who am I?
What am I?
What is my purpose?
Play of Consciousness.
Samadhi: Demystification of death.
Death of duality
The Holy Trinity
Omniscience. Omnipresence. Omnipotence.
Aum - The Cosmic vibration.
Pulsating Silence.
The Unbeing, Unmanifest.
Pure consciousness.
Supreme Being; God.

Monday, February 07, 2005


With my ordinary looks, so commonplace,
a face guys hardly ever chase,
I feel so lonely, sullen and depressed;
an ordinary looking girl at best.
How I wish I was a beautiful actress,
ruling the hearts of many a guys.
Piercing their hearts with every move,
an anathema to their wives.
The outrageous beauty like nectar divine.
The alcoholic kiss, sweeter than wine.

This beautiful actress' body,
and its overbearing presence
shadow the real me,
conspicuous by absence.
I'm a walking, talking doll
measuring 36-28-36 .
I've a heart behind the body,
a mind within my head.
But they don't love the real me,
but my figure instead.
A double edged sword is my beauty.
In all its glory,
it enslaves the beholder,
and then smothers the holder.
How I wish I looked ordinary.
So the guys who loved me
did so for the person that I'm
and not for the nymph in me.