Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How are you?

The question from you
took too long to come
to retain its relevance.

It once had
the power to heal,
raise my spirits
and lighten up my day.
But you walked away
when I was dying to hear
it from you.

Now its power is lost
in the labyrinth of time
and the maze of muddled memory.
It evokes a chuckle
if it evokes
anything at all.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The fiction of relationship

Most of us accept the sweet poison of relationship because we can't endure chewing the bitter pill of loneliness long enough until it leaves the sweet after taste of solitude - which is the peace and joy of being with yourself.

People don't fall in love so much as they run away from their ghosts of loneliness. They trade each other's loneliness disguised as love but don't say 'I trade you very much' - instead they say 'I love you very much.'

Our society also perpetuates this: the word 'single' is an implicit synonym for 'sadness' and the word 'settled' means 'having a family and job', while 'settled in solitude' is actually a much more natural state.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

River of Life

A blade of grass
fell in a river
and was set adrift.
It had an ambition
to stop the flow
of the gurgling river.
It turned across,
breathed in deep
and grunted hard,
‘Today I will stop
you at any cost.’

A blade of grass
fell in a river
and was set adrift.
It had an ambition
to merge the river
with the endless sea.
Inspired it was as
it roared, ‘Follow me
you mighty river,
I will not rest
until I get you home.’

The river just flowed,
blissfully ignorant 
of the blades’ existence.

*The poem is based on the wisdom of Shiv Puran as described in the serial 'Devon ke dev Mahadev'.