Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How are you?

The question from you
took too long to come
to retain its relevance.

It once had
the power to heal,
raise my spirits
and lighten up my day.
But you walked away
when I was dying to hear
it from you.

Now its power is lost
in the labyrinth of time
and the maze of muddled memory.
It evokes a chuckle
if it evokes
anything at all.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The fiction of relationship

Most of us accept the sweet poison of relationship because we can't endure chewing the bitter pill of loneliness long enough until it leaves the sweet after taste of solitude - which is the peace and joy of being with yourself.

People don't fall in love so much as they run away from their ghosts of loneliness. They trade each other's loneliness disguised as love but don't say 'I trade you very much' - instead they say 'I love you very much.'

Our society also perpetuates this: the word 'single' is an implicit synonym for 'sadness' and the word 'settled' means 'having a family and job', while 'settled in solitude' is actually a much more natural state.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

River of Life

A blade of grass
fell in a river
and was set adrift.
It had an ambition
to stop the flow
of the gurgling river.
It turned across,
breathed in deep
and grunted hard,
‘Today I will stop
you at any cost.’

A blade of grass
fell in a river
and was set adrift.
It had an ambition
to merge the river
with the endless sea.
Inspired it was as
it roared, ‘Follow me
you mighty river,
I will not rest
until I get you home.’

The river just flowed,
blissfully ignorant 
of the blades’ existence.

*The poem is based on the wisdom of Shiv Puran as described in the serial 'Devon ke dev Mahadev'.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

The fork along the path

A long time ago, I went for
a walk to nowhere in particular.
In some time, I reached a fork.
One sign said ‘Accept’,
the other said ‘Deny’.
Since curious I was to check out,
I took the path of denial.
Then came another fork
with the same options;
and I repeated my choice.

Then came another, and another
And then many more
I took the same choice again,
and then even more.
First it was fun, this denial thing.
But then the path became darker
with every choice I made.
Every fork got darker,
but my choice
stayed the same.

Soon enough, the signs
were not needed.
I chose the darker
route by instinct.
Thereafter, even the
forks disappeared.
The darkness got darker
and became its own mother.
When it reached its nadir,
I became nocturnal.

I then saw many eyes
of my kind. Feeling at home
in the obscurity of night.
We denied ourselves
for so long that we
forgot who we are.
We rambled about
in the dark, tripping,
hurting, trampling,
cursing and loving it.

I wallowed in the filth
until I loved it no more.
I walked again without
direction or sight;
guided only by inner light.
Tripping, hurting, trampling,
blessing and loving it.
Soon I reached a hazy fork
where one path had
a faint ray of light. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Two balloons

Two balloons that were tied to a rod
often hugged and loved each other.
Both knew no other way to live.
Both were sold to different kids
who loved them too.

But a day came when
they were set free
to soar up in the sky
where they burst
and became
the same air.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Confessions of a poet

I may sound wise,
but I’m not always so.
I may seem evolved,
but I have pitfalls too.

My best love songs,
don’t make me romantic.
They enthral me sometimes,
but don’t always give a kick.

A beautiful poem doesn’t
make me a perfect person.
For in the ocean of my flaws,
it’s just a wave of perfection.

I have my moments,
I have my quirks,
I get hurt too and
behave like a jerk.

I am as human
as human can be.
But when poetry comes,
It’s not just me.

Although it may seem like
it’s coming ‘from’ me,
the real truth is that,
It’s coming ‘through’ me.

I learn as much
in the process of writing
as you all do
in the moment of reading.

I sometimes don’t practise  
the wisdom of my own writing.
For I often slip, falter and fall
before I get up and get going.

But when I fall below the line,
I’m aware of the missed track.
My writing becomes my mirror
that I can’t face, until I’m back.

My poems become my beacon
that draws me out of the dark;
when I’m finally out in the sun,
they sing merrily like a lark. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

O' Mind! Let go

O’ Mind! Let go of your cocoon
and give wings a chance.
A life with flight awaits you.

Let go of the hoarding
and give sharing a chance.
A greater treasure awaits you.

Let go of your fear
and give love a chance.
A life more fulfilling awaits you.

Let go of the past and future
and give present a chance.
A life more aware awaits you.

Let go of your prejudices
and give acceptance a chance.
A life more loving awaits you.

Let go of your doubts
and give faith a chance.
A life so miraculous awaits you.

Let go of your competition
and give collaboration a chance.
A life more evolved awaits you.

Let go of your insecurities
and give existence a chance.
A life so fearless awaits you.

Let go of your limitations
and give source a chance.
A life so limitless awaits you.

Let go of possessiveness
and give freedom a chance.
A life more eternal awaits you.

Let go of the hurt
and give forgiveness a chance.
A life so wholesome awaits you.

Let go of your attachments
and give detachment a chance.
A life so Godly awaits you.

Let go of your chatter
and give silence a chance.
A life so divine awaits you.

Let go of your ‘self’
and give God a chance.
A life so complete awaits you.

O’ Mind! Let go,
In your withering lies the true blossoming.
Let go, for there is more where that came from.