Tuesday, December 15, 2015

पाक मोहब्बत - Paak Mohabbat

खुश हो की हम मिले तो सही
बिछडने का तू रंज न कर
प्यार को आँसुओं में भिगोकर
पाक मोहब्बत नापाक न कर

प्यार के अज़ीम पल बिताकर
उन्हें नाम देनेकी ज़िद न कर
बेनाम ही बेहने दे तू इसे
ख़ास मोहब्बत आम न कर

मदमस्त परिंदा है ये तो
रोक मत काटके इसके पर
फलक को करके नज़रबंद
दिलदार इश्क छोटा न कर

बेदाग़ सफेद चादर है ये
कोई रंग का छिड़काओ न कर
इसे रिश्तों का दाग देकर
नामे इश्क बदनाम न कर

**** Transliteration ****

khush ho ki hum mile to sahi
bichadne ka tu ranj na kar
us pyar ko aasuon se bhigokar
pak mohabbat napak na kar

pyaar ke azeem pal bitakar
unhein naam dene ki zid na kar
benaam hi behne de tu ise
khaas mohabbat aam na kar

madmast parinda hai ye to
rok mat katke iske par
falak ko karke nazarband
dildar ishq chota na kar

bedaag safed chaddar hai ye
Koi rang ka chidkao na kar
ise rishton ka daag dekar
naame ishq badnaam na kar

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Universe is one big poetry. That is why it is called 'Uni-Verse'.

Seven Billion Stars

Seven billion stars
on earth
look at the sky
wonder about the beauty
of their counterparts
in the sky.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Crest of Creativity

I am now living at the peak of enthusiasm, and the crest of creativity, writing and creating more and more amazing stuff. Internally I know my capabilities and with the help of my passion I want to reclaim the lost years of lifeless existence. I feel there is so much creativity bursting inside me now that the whole universe looks too small to contain it.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moon so close

Pardon my shameless staring,
ignore my useless gawking,
forget my senseless stammer
and my obvious misdemeanour

For never before
have I seen the moon
so close. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Quotes that have occurred to me - 2

  1. Every character of a novel is made in the image and likeness of the author.
  2. A birthday is nothing but earth completing one revolution around the sun. If that is a cause of celebration then every moment deserves celebration because earth completes a revolution from some reference point in every moment. So every moment is a new birth worth celebrating. 
  3. Behind every gym is a pot bellied businessman.
  4. I didn't give medicine to my sick mother because I was too busy posting "Mother's Day" messages on Facebook and WhatsApp.
  5. "The objects in the mirror are closer than they appear," says the rear view mirror. Wish we could say the same about relations.
  6. Man invented morality. Nature knows neither virtue nor vice. It knows only consequence, which man colours as reward or retribution.
  7. The real freedom is in being internally neutral, neither for nor against anything.
  8. Every question is not a sign of defiance. Every silence is not a mark of diffidence.
  9. We never really grow up, nor do we outgrow our toys; we simply replace them with new ones.
  10. Love at first sight is actually a carry forward from previous life.
  11. Envy is great for earth. It makes the world go green.
  12. The darkness in life is a prism that reveals the twinkling stars.
  13. The file that makes an otherwise light email heavy is called attachment. How profound!
  14. Those who follow their hearts become performers; the rest become audience.
  15. Good is a sweeter fiction than bad; but it is a fiction nonetheless.
  16. Beware - if you cannot 'be aware'
  17. This year let's go somewhere we rarely go - within.
  18. The person who said 'Knowledge is Power' hadn't tasted Awareness.
  19. There is so much more in the moment than we allow.
  20. Life doesn't have full stops, it only has commas.
  21. The universe is one great story. I am and will be telling only a small part of that.

Thursday, June 11, 2015