Thursday, July 24, 2014

O' Mind! Let go

O’ Mind! Let go of your cocoon
and give wings a chance.
A life with flight awaits you.

Let go of the hoarding
and give sharing a chance.
A greater treasure awaits you.

Let go of your fear
and give love a chance.
A life more fulfilling awaits you.

Let go of the past and future
and give present a chance.
A life more aware awaits you.

Let go of your prejudices
and give acceptance a chance.
A life more loving awaits you.

Let go of your doubts
and give faith a chance.
A life so miraculous awaits you.

Let go of your competition
and give collaboration a chance.
A life more evolved awaits you.

Let go of your insecurities
and give existence a chance.
A life so fearless awaits you.

Let go of your limitations
and give source a chance.
A life so limitless awaits you.

Let go of possessiveness
and give freedom a chance.
A life more eternal awaits you.

Let go of the hurt
and give forgiveness a chance.
A life so wholesome awaits you.

Let go of your attachments
and give detachment a chance.
A life so Godly awaits you.

Let go of your chatter
and give silence a chance.
A life so divine awaits you.

Let go of your ‘self’
and give God a chance.
A life so complete awaits you.

O’ Mind! Let go,
In your withering lies the true blossoming.
Let go, for there is more where that came from.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

मैं कहाँ लिखता हूं ? - Hindi Ghazal

मैं कहाँ लिखता हूं ?
मैं तो एक कलम हूं किसी और के हाथ की

मैं कहाँ फनकार हूं ?
मैं तो एक वीणा हूं किसी और फनकार की

मैं कहाँ कुछ केह्ता हूं ?
मैं तो खुद अल्फ़ाज़ हूं किसी और की ज़ुबां का

मुझमे कहाँ कोई हुनर है ?
मैं तो अभिव्यक्ति हूं किसी और अदाकार की

ये ज़िंदगी मेरी कहाँ है ?
ये सांसें तो कर्ज़दार हैं किसी और लेनदार की

main kahaan likhta hoon?
main to khud kalam hoon kisi aur ke haath ki.

main kahaan fankaar hoon?
main to khud veena hoon kisi aur fankaar ki.

main kahaan kuch kahta hoon?
main to khud alfaaz hoon kisi aur ke zubaan ka.

mujhme kahaan koi hunar hai?
main to abhivyakti hoon kisi aur adakaar ki.

ye zindagi meri kahaan hai?
ye saansein to karzdar hain kisi lendar ki.

I'm not the writer.
I'm just a pen in the hands on another.

I'm not the musician.
I'm just a veena (musical instrument) of another musician.

It is not I who speaks.
I'm just the words in the mouth of someone else.

I don't have any talents.
I'm just an expression of some other artist.

This life is not mine.
My breaths are my debt to some lender. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Madness filter

One day at a crowded station
as I waited for the local train,
through the crowd came a shriek
that pierced our busy brain.

“I hate you.
I love you.
I kill you.
I hate you.”

Every head turned to check
the source of the sharp noise.
The crowd split apart to reveal
a torn clothed man without poise.

We observed and ignored him,
gave space and let him be.
He blabbered what came to him
without a filter of propriety.

“Poor crazy fellow,” chuckled
the dapper man next to me.
We forgot him as the train arrived
in our hurried boarding spree.

Every commuter was lost
in his phone or her thought.
Every face, though silent without,
in an inner volcano, was caught.

There is a fine filter that masks
our emotions and projects peace.
It curbs our real thoughts and
creates a facade of pleasant face.

It’s the filter that separates us
from the ‘mad’ in our society.
Else, we’d be mouthing it all,
killing our purported sobriety. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

He and I

When he looks at the sky, he just looks at the sky.
When I look at the sky, sometimes I don't even notice it.

When he eats, he just eats.
When I eat, I read or hear news.

When he smiles, he just smiles.
When I smile, there is a reason.

When he looks at me, he just looks at me.
When I look at him, I profile him.

When he listens, he just listens.
When I listen, I prepare to reply.

His smile has a child like lightness.
My smile has a labourer's burden.

Even when he looks without, he comes from within.
Even when I look within, I am without.

When he doesn't speak, the whole of him is silent.
Even when I don't speak, I am not silent.

He lives without preferences and prejudices.
I'm neck deep in them.

He simply loves, trusts and lets go.
I fear, doubt and hold on.

He is rooted in spirit.
I am stuck in the mind.

He is enlightened.
I am an intellectual.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Dance of Light

In the unknown distant future, 
when the lamps are burning low, 
a light will emerge from the dark
and draw us towards its glow. 

Such would be its purity 
and wondrous magnificence,
that just like moths of light 
we would choose obsolescence. 

We won't know its end,
nor would we see its origin; 
without a slightest care 
we would jump right in. 

We would joyously celebrate 
by unbridled singin' and dancin', 
when we realize that the light without 
is really a resplendent glow within.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rainbow in Dubai

“The problem with Dubai is that
there are no rainbows,” I sighed.
“Then create your own,
I know you can,” she replied.
She gave me an insight
which was in my blind-spot.
I went looking for my rainbow
in Dubai - so humid and hot.

There are riches galore,
opulence knows no bound.
Burj is the crowning jewel
of luxury so unbound.
Built with labourers’ sweat
of colour a bright RED
In their exploitation,
the EARTH has bled.

I notice fragile relations,
and good scope for affair.
Where skin rules the roost
in fragrant touristy air.
In discos and in bars,
glamour shines ORANGE.
The WATER of life flows
in ways so strange.

The city has ambition
that is so palpable,
that it burns in its FIRE
anyone incapable.
With blazing passion,
it has built sky scrapers,
with all odds pulverized,
as smouldering YELLOW embers.

The city is blossoming
and in search of its heart.
Looking for its identity
through people and their art.
The desert city with hot WIND,
is trying hard to be GREEN.
An oasis of modernity
that wants to be seen.

Its actions speak
more than any word.
Focused on peace amidst
violent neighbouring herd.
Invites them all
like a lustrous glue,
with the attractions in its SPACE,
not a moment feels BLUE.

But then there are pockets
that I saw with my eyes,
that are so different
that it logic defies.
There are seekers,
in such wondrous flow,
they give me INSIGHT
and paint me INDIGO.

And then there are
CROWNing masters too,
found only if
your heart is true.
They help you rise and
get you out of closet.
Put you on the path and
bathe you in light VIOLET.

As I ended my search
of Dubai’s rainbow,
I felt blissful as
I found much more.
The colours of the rainbow match
those of chakras along my spine.
Why crib for a rainbow outside?
I found my very own within.

This is an esoteric poem which requires the below table to explain the significance of capitalized letters.

Chakra English Name
Chakra Sanskrit Name
Associated Element or property
Associated Colour
Solar Plexus
Third Eye
Intuitive Intelligence