Sunday, March 27, 2005

I will. Would you?

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The curves of your back,

the contours of your neck,
the divine grace of your walk,
the mellifluous nectar in your talk.

The tacit lingo of your alcoholic eyes,
only my love-lorn heart could surmise.
I live a blissful eternity
in the blink of those eyes.

I, and this tranquil solitude.
Your thoughts and the moon-lit crescent.
I want time to stand still today
and prevent the sun's morning ascent.

In your blissful presence
my limbs go numb.
My tongue ceases to move
and you think I'm too dumb?

If hearts could sing,
my serenade would win by miles.
You'd then fathom my unspoken love,
when inundated with my hearty smiles.

Not just in the comfort of my quilt,
a castle for you, my love! I'll someday build.
I'll make you feel like a princess,
I'll shower you with my love, so boundless,
I'll make you wonder at my art,
when I'll make you a stranger in your own heart.
I'll be the reason you wake up every morn,
I'll be the reason you dream every night,
I'll be the reason you think every thought,
I'll be the reason you take every breath.

Would you?
Would you not love me just enough
to make me write my requiem
with a stylus,
dipped in bliss?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

From Genesis to Denouement

Genesis in the foetal trance.
Bathing in the bliss of abundance.
Draped in the vulnerability of innocence.
In the present, the complete presence.
Unknowing, and yet the 'knower' of life's real essence.

Living through the vagaries of existence.
Surviving the aimless subsistence.
Fretting at the unwarranted concomittance.
Drowned in the vanity of flatulence.
Parochial brain doubting divine providence.
Tightwad man blocking nature's munificence.
Kinship - increasing from him, his own distance.
Scared of change - loving the inertial resistance.
Knowing, and yet, ignorant of life's real essence.

Staring at the impending obsolescence.
Looking at life in a penitent stance.
Retrospection in every glance.
Will I ever have another chance?
Knocking on the heavenly entrance.
Denouement in the astral trance.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

If Only: The Perspective

Its a new thing I've tried and I'm not sure if I can call this a poem. But until my creativity helps me coin a name for this, I'll call it a poem. This poem is about events and a perspective look at those events from different, especially opposite, angles.
If only I get God's grace

from this benevolent act,
I'll be a millionnaire.
An aspiring millionnaire giving alms to a beggar.
If only he gives me a Rupee,
I'll have enough money for a morning tea.
The beggar.

If only I cut him in the right places,
I'll succeed.
A surgeon in an operation theatre.
If only he cuts me in the right places,
I'll survive.
The patient in the operation theatre.

If only they select me,
I'll stop existing
and start living.
An orphan girl in an adoption queue.
If only we select her,
we'll have a live-in maid for free.
The adopting couple.

If only you knew that you have what we lack,
you could've been happier.
An adult observing kids at play.
If only you knew that you have what we lack,
you would cease to be kids.
Another observer.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

When did I last

When did I last see the moon
and appreciate its crescent?
When did I last watch the morning sun
and admire its ascent?

When did I last observe the stars
and guess the shapes they form?
When did I last watch the kids
and notice the innocent acts they perform?

When did I last let things happen
at their pace and not hurry?
When did I last let events carve
their own path and not worry?

When did I last keep dishelved hair
and yet fly without feathers?
When did I last be happy with what
I am and not bother about others?

When did I last live not just to fill my belly
but also to feed my heart and soul?
When did I last not bother to know the outer world;
but to discover my inner self?

When did I last believe
that my well-being is the grace of God
and my suffering is the will of God?