Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Contradictions we love

We build technology to prevent physical labour,
then we build gyms to have us belabour.

We create a life that keeps us on the run
and invent escalators to prevent our walk.

We claim we value values more,
but to actors, over teachers, we pay more.

We claim God is good and money is worse,
so players make millions while preachers are paupers.

We cut the distances between cities,
yet widen the miles within families.

Everyone wants to go to heaven,
but no one wants to die.

We spend half our lives spoiling health chasing wealth,
then spend the rest chasing health spending wealth.

We think nothing of killing others when we feel right,
but call it criminal when a sufferer wants to die.

We want God to equally love everyone,
yet we brand ungodly anyone who loves more than one.

There is an inner tsunami in every single heart,
but surprised we’re at the watershed on earth.

The safer a country becomes
the more life insurance it sells.

We chemicalize our foods so they survive longer
even if they make our stay on the planet shorter.

Selfishness we loathe,
patriotism we laud.

The further we move from environment,
the more we call it development.

Suicide is when you kill yourself by hanging.
Commerce is when you kill yourself by smoking.

We deny the naturalness of sex and shame our teen
but when denial turns love to lust, we shout obscene.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Towards a new education system

Our current education system is fact rather than value based. However, even here, we have not done a great job at 'honestly' sticking to facts, for they are manipulated by various agenda. History is written by the victor instead of being a joint exercise involving all the parties. To transition the education to value based, I list below some concepts that can be taught to our kids.

These are listed in the book 'Conversations with God.' The purpose of sharing it here is to create an awareness of the new thought process and to expand the list. Someone may need it someday. Atleast the young parents can start teaching their kids some of these values.

I request all the readers to add their own thoughts to it.
  1. Understanding Power
  2. Peaceful Conflict Resolution 
  3. Elements of Loving Relationships
  4. Personhood and Self Creation 
  5. Body, Mind and Spirit: How They Function
  6. Engaging Creativity
  7. Celebrating Self, Valuing Others 
  8. Joyous Sexual Expression
  9. Fairness
  10. Tolerance
  11. Diversities and Similarities
  12. Ethical Economics
  13. Creative Consciousness and Mind Power
  14. Awareness and Wakefulness
  15. Honesty and Responsibility
  16. Visibility and Transparency
  17. Science and Spirituality
We may argue that most of these are taught in Moral Science. But the idea is not to have a couple of units in a year long course. The idea is to have these as year long courses from the very childhood. 

Here then is my list:
  1. Valuing team work 
  2. Learning to let-go 
  3. Winning is not everything 
  4. The art of sharing 
  5. The science of abundance 
  6. Redefining success and failure 
  7. Life is beautiful 
  8. Forgiveness 
  9. The art of acceptance 
Looking forward to your inputs. 

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Quotes that occurred to me

1. Forgiveness is a favour you do to yourself, not to others
2. Be it arranged or love marriage on earth, it is all arranged with a lot of love in heaven
3. Life is all about creation. Even destruction is an act of creation - when you destroy a building, you create rubble.
4. God is an observer, not a judge- Conversations with God (CWG)
5. Faith is a science that science has yet to fathom
6. A medicine to one is a poison to another
7. If life was an advertisement, every problem would have an instant solution
8. Love, free, unconditional, God, unlimited, eternal. If you are not one of these, you are none of these -  (CWG).
9. Truth at various levels of reality is different and often apparently contradictory. Our level of evolution determines the truth we choose as our reality.
10. Outward complaint should never be at the expense of inner acceptance, love and forgiveness
11. Smoking Zone : A place full of fresh air where smokers go to pollute their lungs
12. Sex is the spirituality between two unwhole beings seeking wholeness. Spirituality is the sex between two whole beings sharing their wholeness
13. The more I fathom spirituality, the more I realize its proximity to sex. Wonder why mankind lauds one and pompously loathes another.
14. Envy is great for earth. It makes the world go green
15. Don't bother to be in the good books of everyone. You won't succeed. The feat has eluded even the Gods.
16. Your life is not about what your body is doing. Yet, what your body is doing is a reflection of what your life is about. - CWG
17. V-Day moral police: those who find making war in public better than making love
18. Pat your back when you overcome your tendency to classify things as better or worse, and simply accept them as different
19. Making your highest choice is only half the challenge; doing so without condemning the choices you reject completes the circle
20. The real character of a person is known not when the relationship starts but when it ends
21. Respect and obedience are not the same things. You can choose to disobey without being disrespectful.