Monday, December 17, 2007

Ten reasons to watch 'Dus Kahaniyan'

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1. If you love the “O’ Henry” brand of short stories where the last moment leaves you gasping for breath or makes your heart skip a beat or totally beats your expectations then this movie is a must watch.
2. If you’ve an open mind towards exploring new and creative ideas in movie-making then this movie you shouldn’t skip. It is a potential trendsetter. You wouldn’t want to miss a pioneer of a movie where one scene is totally unrelated to the other. “Darna Mana Hai” was close to this but there was a main story that was weaving different stories together. This one, however, is totally different.
3. If you can’t hold your concentration for a melodramatic-romantic-tear-jerker for three hours then this is a ‘twelve-minutes each’ of scintillating story telling that’ll keep boredom at bay.
4. If you want to test how quickly you can switch context in a cinema hall, for one compact story after another then this is your perfect test.
5. If you want your heart to ache, blood to race, laugh in between for some down to earth humour and then get a lump in your heart and have the rug pulled from under your feet, then this is the movie to watch.
6. If you want to see what powerful actors can do to a movie in a few minutes, this movie is for you. Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Nana Patekar, Amrita Singh all make your heart ache will their brilliant and yet devoid-of-melodrama performance.
7. “Dus Kahaniyan” is to Hindi films what a series of Twenty20 is for one day cricket. If you loved the shorter version of the game, you’d love the value-for money that this version will bring you.
8. Stories are told, and stories are told, and stories are told. But if you want to see some deft and sleek story-telling with brilliant cinematography and yet with just simplistic, totally unexpected endings, then go for it.
9. Ten different stories would mean there would be something in it for you. In a normal movie with one storyline, either you like it or hate it or are indifferent to it. Here, some stories would definitely appeal to you and the twist of fate in that story would hit you hard.
10. Watch it for a few dialogues that will make your heart go numb or make you wonder where it hit you. Whether it’s the response to Jimmy Shergill’s “I love you” or the feeling of deja vu that every married couple would get on listening to Nana Patekar’s smiling rendition of marital problems or the price that Amrita Singh pays for giving-in to the pull of love or the poetic musings of Manoj Bajpai in Zahir.