Friday, November 11, 2016

Was that the best I could've done?

'Was that the best I could've done?' That's the only question I ask myself now.

If the answer is a yes then great, else I resolve to do better next time.

Either way, I don't leave any space for resentment, guilt, or the burden of others' expectations or mine to weigh me down.

I forgive myself quickly, learn and simply move on to create the next best moment of my life.

Often I don't succeed in being the best version of myself, but I still don't give myself any space to feel resentment or guilt. That makes me wonderfully free.

Grace Showering

Sunday, October 30, 2016

आइना - Aaina

वो नहीं जो सिर्फ 
दिखाए मुझको मुझे 
मिले तो मानु उसे आइना 
जो मिलवाए खुदसे मुझे 

Wo nahin jo Sirf 
Dikhaye mujhko Mujhe.
Mile to manu use aaina
Jo milwaye khudse mujhe. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Power of Desirelessness

What separates a billionaire from a beggar? Wealth. Yes, that’s the first cut. But at a more subliminal level, what makes a billionaire bigger than a beggar is the fact that the billionaire doesn’t need anything from the beggar, nor does he want to become a beggar. On the other hand, a beggar wants everything that the billionaire has and wants to become a billionaire. Since the beggar wants to become a billionaire, the beggar invariably makes the billionaire bigger and larger than life.

The keyword here is ‘Desire’. It is this desire to become someone that makes ‘that someone’ bigger or more important than us.

Two men who do not need anything from each other are absolutely equal. So what makes us smaller is our desire to be someone who we think we are not – wealthier, more powerful, more famous, more beautiful and so on. Now flip that point around – if we accept who we are and release our desire to be someone else, then we are already equal, we are not smaller and hence ‘that someone’ is not bigger.

Now, a lot of us harbour a desire to be God. What if we recognize our own Godliness and drop that desire as well. Then we instantly become equal with God, because we don’t want to be Him, nor do we need anything from Him.

When that desirelessness arises from an understanding of our ‘completeness’, we allow the universe to operate through us by a desireless acceptance of His will as our will. So we become a fantastic filterless channel for manifesting the divine, through us.

Unflinching desirelessness is an instant power unlike any other. But a truly desireless person will not care for that too, because seeking power through desirelessness is again a desire.

It is through such absolute desirelessness that a nearly illiterate paanwala simpleton had attained enlightenment in just three years. His name was Nisargadutta Maharaj.

Evolution of Love - Part 2

I love
I love you
I hate you
I love you
I love

Guilt is of no Use

A soul that chooses to stay with the body can make a person survive a bullet through the head. And a soul that chooses to go can find an excuse as flimsy as a sneeze to leave the body.

So let go of your guilt for your dear one's death, if you are carrying it. Your negligence didn't kill them nor your diligence could've helped them live.

That beautiful soul chose to go, it's as simple as that. Any further layer of thought than this in your heart is excess baggage. Leave this behind and travel light.

Guilt is of no use. It only makes you love yourself less.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Peaceful Ambition: A Beautiful State

I seem to be increasingly tapping into a delicately balanced but beautiful state that I call ‘Peaceful-Ambition’. I am at peace with where I am and yet fully aware of where I have to be (Ambition).

My peace (Sattva) doesn’t prevent me from action (Rajas) and my ambition (Rajas) doesn’t hamper my peace, despite various setbacks and challenges. Ambition drives me but not because I’m unhappy where I am. On the contrary, it drives me because I know that this is what I am – ever growing peace, joy and love.

I share this not in pride, but to create recognition that such a beautiful state exists. Ambition should not cause stress if you approach it from the right state. I sincerely pray that we all can access this space more often. That will help create what we call – The New Earth.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Betrayal is the highest Love

Yes, that’s right. How, you ask?

A soul that chooses to betray you does that so you could experience your highest potential through forgiveness. The soul knowingly incurs bad karma in the process, but it doesn’t care about its own downfall so long as it creates an opportunity for you to grow. That’s how loving that soul is towards you.

Your opportunity for growth is through loving forgiveness. But have you truly chosen forgiveness yet? Or do you wallow in revengeful thoughts and hateful emotions? If it’s the latter then you’ve lost a grand opportunity created by someone who loves you enough to be led by the dark forces so you could see the light.

Do you feel betrayed by a lover, cheated by your friend, or back-stabbed by a business partner? The revengeful and hateful thoughts have not brought peace to you. How about trying a different option this time?

Mysterious are the ways of life. 

Friday, June 03, 2016

Am I This or That?

If you are a perfectionist, life will surround you with imperfect people and then you will loathe them.
If you are punctual, life will crowd you with the unpunctual lot, and you'll scoff at them.
If you are a control freak, life will give you kids that can't be controlled and you'll wonder who is controlling who.
If you are an optimist, you'll have pessimistic colleagues and you'll berate them.
If you are peaceful, you will have quarrelsome neighbours, and then you'll judge them.
If you are a good person, you will be cheated by bad people, and you'll hate them.
If you believe in love, you will be betrayed, and then you'll fear even the idea of love.

Life will keep on throwing these contradictions at you until one fine day there is a shift.
That shift will make you realize that choosing one invites the other, because one can't exist without the other.
When you say 'I am this', life brings you 'that' because in the absence of 'that', 'this' is not. (Like in the absence of night, there is no day)

And with this shift comes the possibility of acceptance of both 'this' and 'that'.
Then life becomes beautiful because the perfectionist stops loathing imperfection, the punctual doesn't scoff at the unpunctual, a control freak doesn't feel the need to control anyone, a peaceful person doesn't judge the quarrelsome and the good doesn't hate the bad.
And this leads to the next beautiful realization: to call yourself 'this' or 'that' is incomplete because they are all labels, properties, judgments.

Then your identification stops at 'I am'. You cease to be 'I am this' or 'I am that'.
Once you get there, stay there.
Once you can stay there, take me there.