Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Betrayal is the highest Love

Yes, that’s right. How, you ask?

A soul that chooses to betray you does that so you could experience your highest potential through forgiveness. The soul knowingly incurs bad karma in the process, but it doesn’t care about its own downfall so long as it creates an opportunity for you to grow. That’s how loving that soul is towards you.

Your opportunity for growth is through loving forgiveness. But have you truly chosen forgiveness yet? Or do you wallow in revengeful thoughts and hateful emotions? If it’s the latter then you’ve lost a grand opportunity created by someone who loves you enough to be led by the dark forces so you could see the light.

Do you feel betrayed by a lover, cheated by your friend, or back-stabbed by a business partner? The revengeful and hateful thoughts have not brought peace to you. How about trying a different option this time?

Mysterious are the ways of life. 

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