Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Peaceful Ambition: A Beautiful State

I seem to be increasingly tapping into a delicately balanced but beautiful state that I call ‘Peaceful-Ambition’. I am at peace with where I am and yet fully aware of where I have to be (Ambition).

My peace (Sattva) doesn’t prevent me from action (Rajas) and my ambition (Rajas) doesn’t hamper my peace, despite various setbacks and challenges. Ambition drives me but not because I’m unhappy where I am. On the contrary, it drives me because I know that this is what I am – ever growing peace, joy and love.

I share this not in pride, but to create recognition that such a beautiful state exists. Ambition should not cause stress if you approach it from the right state. I sincerely pray that we all can access this space more often. That will help create what we call – The New Earth.

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